What is Easy Tile?

Easy Tile is a unique and effective tiling system, designed to cover an area quickly without the need for a professional.

The convenient 12 inch by 12 inch (305mm by 305mm) panels are manufactured by moulding modern synthetic materials and combining with fire retardant insulation to give a lightweight, durable product that is insulating, flexible and resilient. Easily cut with scissors, the self spacing panels are flexible enough to fold around corners and will not only create a stunning look they will also reduce condensation and heat loss.

When designing the Easy Tile system, we looked at all aspects of traditional tiling, from their weight and fragility when working with them, to the problems of removing them or replacing damaged tiles. 50 years of continuous development has resulted in the Easy Tile system.

Just look at the benefits:-

•    Easy to cut with household scissors or a utility knife. There are no special tools required, cutting awkward shapes is simple.
•    Can be used in your bathroom, kitchen, toilet, utility room plus many other places.
•    No need for tile spacers. The panels are self spacing so it’s perfect spacing every time.
•    large panels, make tiling wall quicker.
•    Can be fitted over existing tiles. Perfect for properties where the plaster is soft.
•    Durable gloss finishes that last for years.
•    Flexible for uneven walls or for curved surfaces.
•    Insulated backing that saves heat and reduces condensation.
•    Unique adhesive and grout that go to make a completely waterproof finish.
•    Remain firmly attached even if the surface they are fixed to flexes. Especially important in boats, caravans and mobile structures.
•    Fold around corners, no need for edging strips
•    Lightweight easy to work with and transport.
•    Convenient pack size that won’t break even if dropped.

click here to view the EasyTile video on 'YouTube'

The tile panels come in 4 formats,

•  The 4 inch traditional tile pattern – here the 1 ft square panels is divided into 9 equal squares.
•  The 6 inch classic tile pattern – with this the 1 ft square panel is divided into 4 equal squares.
•  The elegant Napoli tile pattern – combining a 6 inch panel with a centre 4 inch square that is rotated to produce a diamond effect. This square can be cut out and replaced with another contrasting square for a more dramatic effect.
• The contemporary Subway Tile pattern – this 1 ft square panel follows a traditional brick pattern. Although moulded into a square panel, the small squares can be cut out to allow the panels to lock together in a seamless brick effect.

Browse through our extensive Range of colours and designs, take a look at the How to use guide and get inspiration from our Ideas page. Easy Tile is the tiling system that makes everyone a professional tiler.

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